Make A Wish Foundation, Toast to Wishes

So I have about 5 outfit posts for you guys that should’ve gone up in 2016 but they didn’t, so I’m just blasting all of your feeds first thing in 2017. Back in November, I attended the Make A Wish Foundation Charity Gala Toast to Wishes. You can find all the links below if you’re interested in getting invoolved with the organization and events in the future.

Make A Wish Foundation

Toast to Wishes

Toast to Wishes FaceBook Page

Make A Wish Foundation FaceBook Page

As for my outfit, here you go:

Makeup: Blushington at Le Parker Meridian
Venue: Marquee NYC


Outfit details disclaimer: everything I’m wearing, I already had.

Dress: Charlotte Russe. I got this dress about two years ago for an awards ceremony at college and haven’t worn it since. It’s a gorgeous dress so I took the opportunity to wear it again. I’d include alternatives to this dress but everything that comes up when you search “v-neck a-line white dress” pulls up wedding dresses and that sort of makes me cringe so.

Shoes: DSW. Here are some alternatives: JJ’s House and Milanoo

Looking to Stick to Your 2017 Resolution? Here are some TedTalks to Help You Commit

Okay, so first of all: what is a TED and what is a TedTalk?

TED stands for technology, entertainment, design and is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. These conferences cover almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. They believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes and lives. (via A TedTalk is a video created from a presentation at the main TED conference or one of its many satellite events around the world.

I was first introduced to TedTalks during my sophomore media law and ethics course in college…and I’m pretty sure I spent the entire duration of the video writing a paper for a different class. I “didn’t have time” to watch a video…I had other, more important things to do (go ahead and roll your eyes). That class came and went and I didn’t really think about TedTalks again until a couple of months ago. And it actually wasn’t until recently that I really started to work them into my everyday life. Someone once told me that if you try hard enough, you can apply one thing you do to everything you do. He had a specific example in mind, and his worked, but I thought maybe I could start applying that logic with these talks. Below are a few of my favorite talks that helped get me through my everyday life. I hope you all find ones you like!

If your resolution is to do something that scares you: 100 Days of Rejection – Jia Jiang

If your resolution is to speak up for yourself and find your voice: Dare to Disagree – Margaret Heffernan

If your resolution is to find your path or direction: Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling – Emilie Wapnick / Talks to Help You Find Your Purpose – TedTalk Playlist – 7 talks, various speakers

If your resolution is to be more social: The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown / 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation – Celeste Headlee

I’ll probably check back in on this post every once in a while and add/change some of the talks so feel free to come back whenever.

Wishing everyone a safe, and enjoyable new year filled with nothing but love, happiness and success. This year? It’s going to be a good one.



If You’re Afraid

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote and posted this to my Facebook:

“I’m not typically one for sappy or long posts but recently I’ve been having a lot of heart-to-hearts with my friends about things we’re afraid of…whether it’s our jobs, our relationships, our friends, our living situations, etc. I think it’s only human to be afraid and hesitant of things that are uncertain or that we think could ultimately hurt us…
So to anyone that might be struggling with something, or is afraid, this one is for you:

Living in fear is sort of like jumping into ice cold water on a hot summer day. You’re sweating, you’re uncomfortable, and you feel as if you might just be strangled from all the heat. You can drink as much water as you want and you can dip your toes in, but no matter how hard you try, it just won’t be enough – it won’t cure the problem. The only way to find any sort of relief is to just jump into the water. You hesitate because why wouldn’t you? You know damn well that the initial impact is going to hurt like hell; it’s going to sting like a bitch. So you dance around it for a while. But I promise you: eventually that heat will get to be too much. Life doesn’t just let you dance around things – it doesn’t let you run away. It isn’t forgiving like that. The only way to deal with the heat, that fear, is to immerse yourself in it. If you really want to find relief, your only option will be to jump in. You’ll have to jump all the way in. Yes, that initial impact is going to be anything but pleasant but both your body and your mind will adjust, and you will find the relief literally washing over you.
Sometimes life puts you into situations where you’re sweating, you’re uncomfortable and you feel as if you might just be strangled. But don’t let that stop you. That’s the fear talking. Find out what you’re afraid of and go live there. Immerse yourself. Jump in the water.

I think what really inspired this post was when I was talking to a boy. I’m not sure he’ll know that he inspired this but maybe he just might. I’ve known him for a couple months now. His smile lights up a room and it always touches his eyes. He makes me laugh and I’ve never seen him say one unkind word.

There was one time where he fully let me into his head and told me about his past. I appreciate when people do that, when they let me all the way in. It helps me understand. I’m not going to share any of what we discussed with you because that’s not my business to tell. All I can say though, is that he’s built his walls up high and neither of us see them coming down anytime soon. I don’t know why he chose to let me in and see into his mind but maybe it’s because his walls and my walls, well they’re the same…maybe that’s why we get along so well.

There was another instance…one of my best friends. I rely on him for a lot. We tell each other everything. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s truly been a gift in my life. Similar to the boy I mentioned above, he’s got his walls, too. Both of their situations are different but their walls are up just the same. Again, it’s not my business to tell what was discussed, but something was presented to him and because of his past, hesitation arose and prevented him from moving forward.

After having so many of these conversations with so many people, there came a day when I started to look at myself in the mirror differently…and I mean I really look at myself. For the past year or so, I never felt like there was anything particularly wrong in my life. I thought I was living life to the fullest, with no regrets. But then I realized that there were things that I had buried down and I had forgotten about but still needed to face head-on in order for me to move forward and be the best version of myself. It honestly would’ve been hypocritical of me to simply write about being afraid but neglect to include myself.

I realized I was afraid. And I wasn’t just afraid, I was terrified. There was a situation that I was put in that I had thought I had handled, but then I realized that I never actually did – I had just run away from it. I knew it would’ve caused me pain because I already knew the outcome (even though I didn’t want to admit it). So instead of facing it, I just ran. I shut down, closed myself off from it, and said that was that. It was done.

But the thing was, it wasn’t done. I think maybe because I had suppressed it for so long, and maybe because I had literally erased it from my mind, I thought I could avoid it and that I didn’t need to deal with it anymore. But I think that would’ve left me with regrets and life is much too short to live with regrets. So what did I do about it? Honestly, I did something I never thought I’d ever do. I swore up and down and sideways that I would never do what I did. But then I realized I had also reached a point where the situation was what it was and I couldn’t change it. Why was I letting it hold me back? Why was I afraid of it?

What I did was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done because I had to drop my ego despite the fact that I wasn’t wrong. I had to face something by myself knowing full well it wouldn’t end in my favor. I just needed to cross it off my list once and for all.

The weird thing about fear is that we usually build it up so much in our minds, that we become more afraid of the fear then of the actual situation. My decision was made instantaneously and I didn’t give it a second thought. There was no pre-meditation and there was no thought of what would come after it. I just did what I needed to do and that was that. In the moment, I wasn’t afraid. I just was.

I once had someone tell me that the “millennials think too much” and I honestly don’t disagree with him. We get in our own heads a lot. We don’t go off of what we feel and we talk ourselves out of anything that has any sort of threat to our well-being. That’s understandable – I’m one of the worst offenders.

But at the end of the day, I would so much rather say, “Yes, it hurt but I did all that I could and now I don’t have regrets,” instead of saying, “I was protecting myself from feeling pain but now it’s my biggest regret.”

I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and others fears are more intense than mine might be, but please don’t close yourself off from one thing because of another thing that happened in your past. Each new person, situation, location, etc. that you come across is exactly that – it’s new. Don’t taint the new with something that happened with the old. You can remember what you’ve gone through because that what’s makes you you, but don’t let it prevent you from becoming who you’re supposed to be.

The past is the past and you don’t live there anymore.

Face what you’ve got to face, shut the door, turn the page, move on.

Live in the present and live for the future.

Jump in the water.


NYFW 2016

So this was the first year where not only did I not go to NYFW at all, but it was also the first year where I honestly paid zero attention to any shows (I KNOW – IT’S SO UNLIKE ME). Regardless, I did get looped into a couple trends.

I sat on this post for a while because I thought I’d be able to get some pictures of my outfits up for you guys but I’ve been so swamped that I decided it wasn’t worth it to wait any longer. So, even though I’m totally late to the party on this one, here’s my best and worst trends for Fall 2016.

Fur. Seen mostly at Michael Kors and J.Crew shows, the statement fur is back. Both real and faux fur made an appearance but what was really the game-changer were all of the bright colors that were used. I probably won’t partake in this trend but I’m sure I’ll see plenty of people on the NYC streets who will, which is why I decided to include it.

Ruffles. I’m not sure how I feel about this trend. I think if the ruffles are in the right place, it could be a decent look. But I’m not too keen on looking like a runaway mariachi band. Ya feel?

Tan. Love. This. Color. I’m allll about the neutrals because I can get longevity out of them. I absolutely despise pieces I can only wear once (other than if it’s a special occasion dress or something). Like I know I’m probably breaking some code by re-wearing my clothes but I’m a 23-year-old young adult. Longevity and versatility are my best friends and this color trend gives me exactly that.

Gold Metallic. At first I was like “wtf is this” but then I realized that one of my favorite dresses has gold metallic flowers on it. So after I got off my high horse, I decided that I’m all for this. It just has to be done right.

Shearling Bombers. It’s going to be a no for me…unless I decide I want to Amelia Earhart for Halloween.

Turtlenecks under dresses. When it gets cold outside, all of my fashion sense goes out the window. I do not care what I look like; I just hate being cold. I can see myself wearing this look in an act of desperation to stay warm but other than that, don’t count on it.

Plaid Overcoats. I actually don’t hate this. I think I’d wear a plaid overcoat if the tan trend didn’t come out at the same time (sorry but I have my eye on a Burberry Tan Overcoat so plaid, you lose this one).

Off-the-Shoulder. I thought I’d hate this but I absolutely do not hate this at all…sort of like the boy I made out with last weekend (jk mom and dad…I don’t even talk to boys…). So if you can get past how annoying it is to have something off your shoulder, then I highly suggest this look. I have multiple shirts and dresses that are off the shoulder, and I get compliments every single time. So moral of the story: don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

Dusty Pink and Yellow. Dusty pink? Yes. So much yes. Yellow? No. So much no. I associate yellow with warmth and even though mother nature has been more temperamental than a girl on her period with these weather-temperature mood swings, I’d like to keep associating summer with warmth and fall with crispy colors like brown and burnt orange.

Pantsuits. Brb while I go barf.

Fall Florals. I will never not wear florals. I fully support this trend and I always will.

Chokers. I honestly hope this trend never goes away. Wearing a choker makes me seem so much cooler than I actually am. And oh so #trendy.

Alright, so there you have it. Sorry my sass in this post was unreasonably high (I’m not actually sorry), I just haven’t slept in like a week so I’ll try to get one more post up for you guys and then no one bother me while I go hibernate for the next day and a half.

Thanks ❤

Xoxo, Ris

If Girls Ran the World (benefiting Susan G. Komen)

This October, I am joining If Girls Ran the World (benefiting Susan G. Komen) with thousands of other individuals for a one of a kind adventure to collectively and virtually run around the world to benefit charities that empower girls globally. I’m inspired by their work and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation. Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the ‘Give Now’ button. Or, if you’re interested in getting involved, please don’t hesitate in reaching out.

Marisa’s Miles

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot! Virtually, anything is possible.

And please check back regularly as I’ll be logging my miles for everyone to read. My target it 80 miles for the month of October, but let’s see if we can get that even higher!

It’s Not Even My Birthday

HI EVERYONE. Okay, so I’m beyond sorry it’s probably been close to a month since I’ve legitimately posted on WearsByRis. All of my PuckerMob articles started getting picked up and published and it got A LITTLE crazy over here (to say the least). If you live under a rock and haven’t seen my snapchat, fb or insta (@wearsbyris & @mtmsky), don’t worry because there’s a whole new tab created above just for them. If you haven’t already, please go check them out 🙂

Also, just a quick note on my PM articles before I dive into this WearByRis post: there are over 4k people who write for PuckerMob on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In just 18 days, you all broke me into their top 50 writers. Like holy shit. I honestly don’t even know what to say. First because you’re all actually reading what I write, and second because you all actually like what I write. Like what. I can’t even wrap my head around it. I was looking on my writer dashboard earlier and I think one article that I posted got over 1k likes/shares just within in the first hour it was live on the site. I was basically crying. And all of your comments. Omg. Guys…reading all of your comments… You’re saying things like, “my favorite read,” and “this is exactly what I needed today.” LIKE YOU GUYS. I can’t even right now. So to everyone, thank you so much. I honestly don’t even know what else to say other than that. I’ll keep writing and hopefully you’ll keep reading. (xoxo, Marisa Lynne).

Okay, so now that I’ve gotten being all sappy out of the way, let’s get to my latest outfit. Originally I was going to write a post including everything I’ve done over the summer, because you’ve all been asking, but I’m completely swamped at work this week and I just don’t have the time to do that thorough of a post right now. I also have a couple more things up my sleeve (summer isn’t over yet!) that I think everyone will be interested in hearing about so make sure to check snapchat within the next couple of weeks. Also, yes, I do in fact have my skydiving video for everyone to watch. It’s super awkward and super embarrassing and you can all make fun of me. I’ll attach the YouTube link below (I didn’t even know I had a Youtube….but apparently I do).

Anyway, onto birthdays. September is a huge month of birthdays for me. My parents are a week apart, my roommate, one of my best friends…the list goes on and on. We’re only 8 days in but I’ve already celebrated 3 birthdays, with a fourth coming up. It’s exhausting…but at least it’s fun AF. Our last birthday celebration was definitely a celebration and yes, I was on the guest list for Hotel Chantelle.


So because it’s 11:45pm and I’ve gotten a total of like 9 hours of sleep within the last two days, I’m just going to get right to it. Here’s what I wore:


Top, skirt (from Forever 21 but sold out…I’ll include alternatives below), necklace, shoes, watch (Quick note: My watch’s band is tortoise shell, instead of the gold. I got this watch as my 20th birthday gift and tbh, I’ll probably never replace it. I honestly love it so much). Also, you can’t tell in this picture but my lipstick actually matched my skirt PERFECTLY. I combined Urban Decay Venom (from the Vice line) with Urban Decay Sesso (from the NAKED line). Also, speaking of UD, a lot of you guys have noticed that they like to send me lipsticks/lip glosses and you’ve been asking which colors I’ve gotten so here ya go:

Lipsticks: Heartless, Ex-Girlfriend (apparently UD likes to send me colors that match my personality), Wrong Number, Sheer Liar, Uptight, Streak

Lip glosses: Sesso, Beso, Liar, Nooner, Streak, Walk of Shame

Also, just to avoid any confusion, yes there is a streak gloss and a streak lipstick. The lipstick is more cream-based, and the color shows up more. The gloss is just a quick fix to make your lips look like they’re not dried out.

Skirt alternatives: A&F, YesStyle, BCBG via Google, OASAP, ASOS


Oh, and I almost forgot! Before Hotel Chantelle, we got dinner at Rosemary’s, which is right smack dab in between West Village and Greenwich Village in NYC. On top of there being a wine bar (yes, my drink has rosemary in it), Rosemary’s also grows all of their vegetables and herbs right within the restaurant. If you don’t believe me, check out the live webcam they have for their rooftop garden. To be honest, I really was so hungry that I didn’t even think to take a picture of my food before eating but it was absolutely amazing. Our dishes ranged from steak to pasta and carbs (lots of carbs) to seafood. And for eight people, the pricing wasn’t all that bad. I believe our tab, with tip (not including whatever we paid for at the wine bar, which was within the restaurant), was under $300. Naturally, as a main dish, I got the skirt steak with the potatoes and arugula because I can never say no to steak…or potatoes. It was cooked to perfection and I was so full by the end of it, they almost had to roll me out! My only caveat was our frutti di mare (which, if you’re not Italian and don’t know, translates literally to “fruit of the sea”): the calamari. We got it as an appetizer and instead of being fried, it was made in a chili oil, which was fine, but it’s just not what I’m used to. I mean as much as I love to try new things, don’t mess with my fried calamari.

Okay, so I think that’s it for this post. It’s now waaaayyy past my bedtime and this post is much longer than I originally intended but c’est la vie. Also, as promised, for your entertainment, here’s my Skydiving Video. Try not to laugh too hard.

xoxo, Ris

What is Having it All?

What is having it all?

Look at my Instagram page, look at my Facebook, look at my twitter. Look at my Pinterest, look at this blog, look through all of the texts on my phone.

Look at the clothes I wear and the car I drive and the smile on my face.

What do you see?

Maybe you see a carefree and confident young girl, who has her life together: good family, good friends, a never-ending adventure of a life. And if you see that, then that’s fine.

But that’s not having it all; that’s not what it’s about.

Having it all doesn’t come from the likes, or the follows, or the amount of unsaved numbers and unread text messages on your phone.

It doesn’t come from a price tag or the latest trend or constantly being surrounded by people to feel your worth.

It doesn’t come from doing something to impress someone, or constantly being connected or the number of retweets you can get in one day.

Too often do we interlock interaction with satisfaction.

Go ahead. Look at my Instagram and my Twitter and my Facebook. Look at my Pinterest, this blog and the texts on my phone. Maybe you see a carefree and confident young girl, who has her life together: good family, good friends, a never-ending adventure of a life. And if you see that, then that’s fine.

But that’s not having it all; that’s not what it’s about.

I think having it all comes, simply, from you.

I think it means being unapologetically yourself.

I think it means accepting yourself for who you are.

I think it means letting go of what you can’t control, and smiling when the world gives you every reason not to.

I think it means knowing that you are enough. Every day.

I think it means that you’re confident enough to admit when you’re weak and vulnerable and just not okay.

I think, in the words of Leslie Jones, “It’s time to start liking who the fuck you are.”

Go ahead. Look at my Instagram and my Twitter and my Facebook. Look at my Pinterest, this blog and the texts on my phone. Maybe you see a carefree and confident young girl, who has her life together: good family, good friends, a never-ending adventure of a life. And if you see that, then that’s fine.

But that’s not having it all; that’s not what it’s about.

I think it means doing what you want to do.

I think it means learning what you want to learn.

I think it means expressing what you want to express.

And I think if I can accept me for everything that I am, and there are also people out there who can accept me for everything that I am, then that’s pretty cool.

That’s having it all.