I really love food, working out and puppies. I’m a little sweet, a little sassy and a lot smart-assy. I’m also probably the most unladylike young lady you’ll ever meet. I’m this strange hybrid between a country girl, a city trendsetter and a beach bum.

My take on what it’s like being in your 20’s? I don’t have a take…because I literally don’t know what’s going on 97% of the time. As soon as I think I know what’s going on, life is usually just like “lol, nope.” So instead, I’m just usually highly caffeinated and pretend as if I actually know what I’m doing.

I like to sing while I drive and I like beer and sports and drinking beer while watching sports.

For some reason, people think I’m super athletic and in shape but in reality I actually just like to eat ice cream for breakfast (go ahead and judge me). Also, in case you didn’t know, yes: ice cream is an essential food group.

I frequently prefer animals to humans. I consistently say hi to every dog I meet on the street and also consistently ignore their owners.

I’m the oldest of three children – my brother is the middle child and my sister is the youngest – and somehow I haven’t screwed up the whole “set a good example” thing for them yet. Or maybe I have. Mom? Dad? You want to take this one?

I’m a born and raised New Jersian (yes, I am most definitely proud of it) and no, IT DOESN’T SMELL. We aren’t called the garden state for no reason, people. Educate yourselves.

Also, I don’t do anything fun. I just blog about things and then you all read it. I still don’t know why.




Need advice or just have something to say? Let’s chat! I would love to hear from you!


instagram: @wearsbyris/@mtmsky

twitter: @marisatomsky

snapchat: @mtmsky

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