I Might’ve Forgotten the Name of My Own Blog

I mean since my site is called WEARSbyris, I figured maybe (since it’s been months) it was time I put up an outfit or two for you guys. I have a couple in my arsenal and a couple more coming up that I think you’ll all be super exited about. I also decided against doing a 4th of July post just because I wasn’t sober for over 72 hours straight and took zero pictures of the weekend…I mean…because I’m still in love with last year’s outfit. But on a serious note, the outfit really didn’t change much. I also have a little spoiler alert for you guys: I’ve been collaborating with a very cool designer and I cannot wait for you all to meet him/them.

I want to start with my gala dress, mainly because people were calling me Princess Belle the entire night and I’m just not ready to let go of that yet. I’m only kidding, but not really. So for this dress, I did something I never thought I’d do in a million years: Rent the Runway. Let me clarify why I never thought I’d do this in a million years: because I’m Type A (which according to Google is a personality type characterized by ambition, high energy, and competitiveness. True). But it also means that I like to have everything planned and organized in advance. Yeah…about that…I didn’t do that this time. I’ve actually been extremely laissez-faire recently and have just sort of been making things up as I go; just going with the flow. It’s actually sort of relaxing. Also, in my defense, I really didn’t have the time to go out looking for a dress, and be down $500 in my bank account, so this is what I settled on. I was a little hesitant, rightfully so, but here’s how the whole thing went down:

  • Three weeks before gala: Hadn’t even thought about it yet.
  • Two weeks before gala: Thought, hmmm maybe I should figure out my gala dress.  But that was pretty much the extent of it.
  • One week before gala: Started to realize that I was RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Skimmed Rent the Runway a solid 17 times before deciding that I needed to do this now or never. Whipped out my credit card. Reluctantly typed in my information. Sent a prayer up to the man above. Scheduled hair and makeup.
  • Week of gala: This is when shit started to hit the fan. I was obviously tracking my order like my life depended on it…because well, it did. Everything was all good to go as planned…until that dreadful Wednesday. So, in my anxiety-ridden state, here’s the basic run-down from what I can remember: I was getting emails and notifications saying that my dress had been shipped, was en-route, and all was good in the world. But as the day progressed, the notifications started to say that the dress was delivered, but then picked back up. Like…what do you mean the dress was picked back up?? So there I was, sitting at work, heavy breathing. I was on a conference call with a partner, because of course I was, so it’s not like I could hang up. I obviously wanted to. My call finally ended and I dialed Rent the Runway. My heart was beating so fast. The minutes felt like hours. I was drumming my fingers. Someone finally picked up and I began to frantically explain my situation. Apparently UPS scanned my box wrong and sent it back to RTR. UPS, YOU HAVE ONE JOB. So, to make a long story short because this little paragraph has honestly gone on for long enough already, I got a lot of free shit. 
  • Morning/Day/night of the event: I didn’t end up getting the dress until the morning of the gala. After trying it on and actually having it fit perfectly (THERE IS A GOD), I trekked my butt downtown to get my hair and makeup done. Naturally, I made friends with my hair and makeup girl because duh. I could probably tell you her life story but I doubt she’d want that so instead, just check her out on insta!(@deanbean_xo). You can see a sweet pic of the back of my head and what my hair actually looked like. Okay, moving on. The gala itself was amazing. Everything was so well run and the night flew by. I could tell you about the shenanigans we got into but it’s not relevant to clothing, so it’s probably best that I leave it out. All you guys need to know if we raised a ton of money to help fund cancer research and the night was an absolute success.

Okay, so after all of that, do I recommend RTR? Honestly, I actually do. The process was simple enough, they were accommodating and they do really take pride in their business. Do I recommend UPS, though? Not so much.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

^Guys, I did a thing. I created a slideshow.

Okay, so now that we have the gala out of the way, let’s talk about my 23rd birthday brunch. First of all, who the fuck let me be an adult? I officially turned 23 on May 11, 2016 at 2:45 pm. It was a Wednesday. From what I can remember of that day, it basically consisted of a constant sugar high that I definitely didn’t need and me wondering why I was stupid enough to not take the day off from work.

My plans for the night were me just sort of praying that I’d get into bed before 9:30 pm (since it was only a goddamn Wednesday) and hanging out with my dog (because priorities).

That’s not how my day went, FYI.

I really wasn’t expecting a lot for this birthday…but it did end up being an amazing day. I got to spend the day with family, friends and my coworkers all decorated my cubicle. My diet centered around insomnia cookies and crumbs cupcakes. Our usual Wednesday afternoon meeting got cancelled in order to celebrate (which was fantastic because I probably wouldn’t have paid attention anyway).

But I mean c’mon. It was hump day for christ’s sake. Who would think that would be even a remotely good day to celebrate? No one even really likes hump day other than to say, “it’s hUMp daaaaay.” But other than that, the sad reality was that we all still had to survive two more days until freedom (aka survive two more days until we could drink copious amounts of alcohol without having to worry about being semi-productive the next day).

That’s why I decided to celebrate on Saturday instead (because obviously).

Over the last 23 years of my life, I’ve seen and been to a lot of places. I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve made incredible friends in all of those places, too. For my birthday this year, what I really wanted more than anything was all of my favorite people in one place. I think gifts are overrated. I don’t even need anything that I wouldn’t just buy myself. So, like any other reasonable person, I started the group text (with about 15 people…Yeah…that one was my bad, guys. That one was on me).

Anyway, I was inviting people from all over New Jersey, New York and Connecticut…so I decided on Brunch in New York City. Anyone who has ever come in contact with me knows I’m all about that brunch life and NYC seemed like the most central location for everyone. I really wanted a place that was either outside or had a big, open space with a lot of natural sunlight. Sunlight = happiness. So I decided on 44 & X.

The day was honestly a little bit crazy. We started at the asscrack of dawn and made our way into the city. Our first stop was to hit up DryBar. As much as I hate to say it, Drybar wasn’t as great as I thought it’d be. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from going; I just don’t think I’d go again unless I really needed to. After Drybar, we made our way over to Blushington...Okay, so I have things to say about Blushington. Blushington made me feel some type of way. Literally 10/10. I will forever sing their praises. I was so caught up in the day that I totally forgot to take a legitimate selfie but hopefully you guys can see my makeup in some of the pictures below. Although, they don’t even do it justice. Guess I’ll just have to go back. OH, WELL.

Okay, so in addition to not taking any selfies, I also realized I’m sort of an asshole and took literally no pictures that day at all. I’m sorry, guys. I’ve failed you all as a blogger. BUT my friends aren’t assholes and they fortunately took plenty.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

^Now that I’ve figured out how to create slideshows, I may never stop doing it. Sorry in advance.

Okay, we all know how much I love to end fashion posts by including outfit details for you guys, but unfortunately everything I’ve worn recently has sold out like wildfire, so instead I’m going to give some good alternatives:

Top: Originally from Lord and Taylor. Some alternatives include: Century 21Pilot UK, New York & Company, SilkFred, Yoins, Unique Vintage and PrettyLittleThing.

Skirts: Originally from Express. Some alternatives include: Wet Seal, Alice + Olivia Stretch-Jersey, A.L.C., Alice + Olivia Kesten, Theory and Elizabeth and James.

Boots: Ted Baker Lorca Booties (these are the same shoes, mine are just black suede).



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