An Open Letter to the New Graduates

It’s officially been a year since I graduated college. A full god damn year.

What. the. f***.

My memories on Facebook were really blowing up this morning. Like, yeah. I know that whole graduation thing happened. I know I was forced into adulthood on the fateful day of May 16, 2015. I know it’s a milestone but tbh, I really didn’t need to be reminded…(seriously though…can we consider getting rid of memories on Facebook? Or at least having some sort of filter? I don’t think I need to be shown first thing in the morning how awkward I was in 8th grade. If someone could please inquire? Thx.)

But on the real, how did a full year fly by already? The weirdest thing about this whole situation is that I can actually pinpoint exactly what happened on which days during which months during which times from last year. 2015 was such a monumental year for me that it gave me the perfect timeline to see just how far I’ve come in 365 days.

So, with that being said, I wanted to write an open letter to all of the new graduates, or those who are about to be:

Dear You,

You’re an alumni.

How does it feel?

Weird, right? That’s okay. 

You’re about to be stuck in a period of transition. You’re supposed to be happy, and you will be, you’ll be ecstatic, but you’ll also be equally sad.

There will be a lot of happiness, a lot of confusion, a lot of sadness and a lot of time to figure out who you’re supposed to be. Don’t rush any of it. Feel it all. Let the emotions hit. Take them in stride.

You’re starting over now, whether you want to or not. Reflect on the past four years. What are you passionate about? What made your heart beat faster? What truly grabbed, and held, your interest? Go to whatever that is. 

Do not settle. Especially if it’s for a job. Fight for what you want. Fight in general; you’re going to have to work hard. Please work hard. 

Smile as much as you can. Spend time in the sunshine. Also, listen to the rain. Spend time with friends. Spend time alone. What do you need in order to make yourself happy? Figure it out. You’ll need to figure that out.

Care for others, but care for yourself first.  It’s okay to say no. It’s also okay to say yes. Know your limits; know when to push them. Learn to listen. 

Open your mind. Open your heart. Be humble. Be kind. Be respectful. Strive to still learn new things. 

Keep your old friends, and find new ones too. Tell someone you love them, especially if you do. Thank your mom, thank your dad, or your brother, or your sister. Thank the process and the struggles that got you to where you are. Thank yourself. 

Enjoy your ride. Everything will fall into place as it should when it should. 

So go ahead, walk your stage. Your life is waiting. 


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