Red Light, Green Light

Everyone needs to just slow the f*ck down.

Since you probably weren’t expecting that as my first sentence (especially from the girl who is always on the move), I should probably backtrack…

Here’s where I got the inspiration from for this post: the subway (not lying).

I don’t always take the subway (I only take it when it’s a torrential downpour, which happened to be the case for the majority of the last two weeks…Did I move to Seattle or…?) but when I do, it wholeheartedly baffles me how many people I see sprinting through the streets of Manhattan just to reach an underground train that will arrive again in 6-11 minutes. Actually, it baffles me how many people I see just sprinting through the streets of Manhattan on a daily basis in general.

It only makes sense that in the city that never sleeps people are constantly going, going, going. I mean that’s why they’re here, right? They’re here to go. People do not find themselves in New York just for the hell of it. People find themselves in New York to make themselves known. Some succeed, some fail, but they all started out with the same intention: to go and to be the best.

And that’s all well and good. But what’s going to happen if you go all the time?

You’re going to crash.

My feet hit the pavement of New York City at approximately 5:50 am every single morning and then I walk cross-town to the gym (Yes, I walk. Sorry not sorry, FitBit friends). From approximately 5:50 am – 6:22 am every single morning, I see at least four people sprint past me. And I’m not talking a fast jog. I’m talking a full-out sprint with high knees and arm pumping…like they’re really booking it.

I don’t get it.

I mean I’m all for getting in some cardio but here’s my problem with the whole thing: it’s 6 am. I’d like to believe that you have zero obligations that early in the morning. Listen, it’s one thing to get stuck in a meeting at the end of the day or have transportation delays (I’m looking at you, G train), but those hold-ups are either due to someone else’s negligence or they’re situations that are out of your control. So if you’re sprinting that early in the morning, my only thought is to assume that it’s coming back down on your own self-discipline (or lack there of).

So here’s my thing: I want to challenge everyone to take a step back. Take a step back and look at your whole situation for a second. Where are you going? How important is it that you get there on time? How long will it take you to get there? Can you take multiple trains and get there around the same time?


There will always be more. There always be another bus to catch, another stop light changing colors and telling you to walk, another street to cross. You’ll probably be upset if you miss what you were supposed to catch. I can promise you’ll be frustrated. But remember this: even though you may have to wait a little longer than you want, a little longer than you planned, there will always be another.

We all need to stop getting so caught up in going and just enjoy our rides. Stop to notice how beautiful Park Ave is when the sun hits MetLife behind it. Stop to notice that the Lotte New York Palace has golden accents around its courtyard. Stop to notice the smell of coffee as you pass by a small cafe.

Stop and notice.

Plan ahead, plan alternate routes, be okay changing course.


We’re all going to get to where we’re going, both in our every days and in our lifetimes. I promise.

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