Look Good, Feel Good

Unless you love working out, it might not always be the easiest thing to get in an hour of activity, or even 15 minutes, a day. Let’s be realistic: we all live busy lives and we all have those days. It’s so easy to put working out to the side. Other things take priority. We have families and deadlines and Fido needs to be taken to the vet.

I feel like a big part of the first couple of months of a new year is following through on your resolutions (orrrr not so much). It’s now a month and a half into 2016 and if you made working out your resolution and you might be struggling for inspiration, I thought I’d give you a reason to make working out a bit more appealing: shopping for new workout clothes, of course. It’s actually sort of amazing what getting new (workout) clothes can do for your attitude.

While on the topic of attitude, I know a lot of us probably made our new years resolutions to lose weight, start going to the gym and “to get skinny.” But, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to make a quick suggestion to edit those resolutions. Instead of losing weight, let’s change it to, “feeling good in my own skin.” Instead of go to the gym, let’s say, “live a more active lifestyle.” Instead of getting skinny, let’s realize what we’re putting into our bodies and the true value of a portion size.

Now I totally understand that creating another whole wardrobe may not be in your schedule or your budget (I am a broke 20-something, after all), but there are ways to make it a little bit easier. Scroll down for a few suggestions to make your wallet, and your body, happy.

The Classics:

Nike (I’m a huge fan of their runner’s shorts).

Under Armour (Check out some of their apps in the appstore for added inspiration. I’m obsessed with MyFitnessPal…but they have a ton more. Also make sure to sign up for their emails; they’ll send you recipes and tips to keep moving).



If you’re trying not to break your bank:




Forever 21


Old Navy Active

Urban Outfitters



Lulu Lemon (Easily one of my favorite brands, but $$$$).

Athleta (Another favorite).


Yoga Smoga

Mika Yoga Wear

“Celebrities don’t need more money but I’m going to buy this anyway” Apparel:

Fabletics by Kate Hudson (If you sign up to be a member, they offer really great deals right off the bat so it might be worth it to kind of splurge here…just to get a couple solid pieces in your arsenal). BUT BE CAREFUL. They charge you every month if you do not skip the month’s payment. It’s a real bitch so be on the lookup for fabletics emails from the first to fifth of every month.

CALIA by Carrie Underwood (SHE SLAYED AT THE GRAMMYS…So how could I NOT support)?!

I have something you don’t have (brands you’ve probably never heard of):

Sweaty Betty

Zella, by Nordstrom


Electric Yoga



Nancy Rose Performance

Sport-Specific Apparel:

Universal Lacrosse (Lacrosse) (I’ve been working on their communications, blog and website in my spare time so please check them out if you get the chance)!

DBA Sports (Lacrosse)

Venum (Boxing) (I love this brand! I feel like such a badass every time I wear it. For the record, I am not actually a badass).

Everlast (Boxing)

Do You Even (Lifting)

Muscle Club Apparel (Lifting)

Oiselle (Running)

Road Runner Sports (Running)

Rapha (Outdoor Cycling)

SoulCycle (Cycling)

Dover (Equestrian)

SmartPak (Equestrian)

Sports Bra: Venum; Pants: LuluLemon and obviously I never go anywhere without my Fitbit

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