Simply Gypsy Designs

So, it’s seriously freaking me out that Christmas is NEXT WEEK. I look forward to Christmas every year mostly because cookies for breakfast is totally fine and acceptable…but that’s besides the point. This year, I really wanted to knock my gifts out of the park. I’m really big on original, creative and thoughtful gifts. I figured out what I was going to get everyone…but I kept getting stuck on my mom. She does so much for me so I really wanted to show her how much I love and appreciate everything she does. Since I’ve moved out, and my brother is away at college and my sister is gearing up for her final semester as a high schooler, I wanted to do something that would incorporate all of her children (aka the coolest kids ever)…Which got me thinking about “the wall.” If any of you have been to my house, you know about “the wall.”

For those of you who haven’t been, and don’t know, there is a wall in my house that’s filled with pictures of me, my brother and my sister. The selling point of the wall aren’t the pictures, though. It’s the words. Each person in my family has a word that describes their personality. Maybe I should’ve thought ahead and taken a picture of the wall. I’ll take one when I got home next. ANYWAY, the top of the wall says, “I love you to the moon and back,” and around the wall are our pictures and words. My word is imagine because I’m creative. My brother’s word is explore because he’s always learning. My sister’s word is rejoice because she’s always bringing a smile to someone’s face.

I wanted to incorporate the wall and a couple of our favorite things to do as a family…which pretty much breaks down to eating and/or traveling. As much as I wanted to get my mom an all-expense paid vacation, that’s a little out of my price range right now. So I started googling globes and I stumbled on Harlee’s etsy page.

Simply Gypsy Designs

What stuck out about Harlee’s page was that she created something I’ve never seen before. Her handwriting is absolutely beautiful and she personalizes each globe she makes. In addition to the globes, she does so many other pieces, as well! Currently, there are a lot of pieces up for the holidays.

After being mesmerized for a couple minutes, I decided to message Harlee with my gift idea. She responded within the day and was extremely professional and personable. She created a customized order only for me and reserved the globe I wanted for myself. Throughout the entire process, she sent me sketches and we bounced ideas off of one another. She was also an absolute sweetheart! She seemed to be just as excited as I was! She’s completely invested and passionate about her work and the effort she put in to make sure I was getting what I wanted was incredible.

Harlee, Thank you so much. I can not wait to see my mom’s reaction come Christmas morning. I’ll send you a picture 😉

For everyone else, I highly suggest you check our Harlee’s etsy page. Whether it be for yourself, or for a loved one, there’s no doubt in my mind that Harlee’s artwork will create a unique, and original, touch in any room.

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