What I’m Thankful For

I know it’s pretty cliche to say what you’re thankful for every Thanksgiving but I feel that it’s sort of imperative to self-reflect and realize all of the good that we have in our lives.

My list of what I’m thankful for isn’t too different from anyone else’s…but I figured I’d share it anyway.

  1. My Family. This is a given. For anyone who knows me, they know how close I am with my family. My mother has always been my best friend. But ever since graduation, and since I got my own apartment, I think my friendships with my family, both immediate and extended, have grown stronger. My dad has always been my coach, but now that I’m no longer a collegiate athlete, and he can’t yell at me for not doing my sprints, we actually spend a lot of time together off the field. And after 18 years, I think I’ve convinced my little sister I’m actually a pretty decent human. I’m not sure if she likes me for me or for the fact that I drive her around, take her shopping and make awesome cookies. Regardless, she hangs out with me now. OH, and now my little brother will call me for advice and actually listen to what I have to say (I didn’t think I’d ever see the day). I also have season football tickets with one of my cousins and teach another one about fashion. Lastly, I’m extremely fortunate that I get another holiday with both of my grandmothers.
  2. My Friends. This is also obviously a given. I was really unsure what post-grad life was going to offer me as far as friends go. We were all moving away, or moving back. How were the ones I haven’t seen? What about the ones I just saw? Who would remember me when I left? Before I left college, I handed out little notes to every person that touched my life in a positive way. I’m happy to say I’ve kept in contact with every one who truly matters.
  3. Being broke. This may be sort of a weird one but the truth is: I have a full-time job, my own apartment, my own car and my own hobbies. The fact that I don’t have money at the end of each paycheck means that I’m paying all of my bills on time and that I’m spending my OWN money on experiences that I enjoy.
  4. Learning myself. Being completely on my own has been the biggest gift in disguise. I have freedom to make my own mistakes and then figure out what I need to do to be happy in order to be a functioning adult. I have a lot to work on, and a lot that I want to accomplish, and I’m glad there aren’t any outside pressures to effect my decision.



Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping you all were able to spend your day filled with family, food and football, and none of your butts ever left your couches!



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