Favorite Fall Find: Booties

It’s been on my bucket list since just about forever to get booties for the fall. Up until this point, I’ve only had longer boots and because I’m short, they usually tend to make me look disproportioned with skirts and dresses…which are basically my favorite things to wear. But for whatever reason, I could never pick a pair of booties that I actually liked. But this season I was determined. I needed to find a pair. I needed to find a pair now.

Recently my friend, Adam, dragged me to NYC to go shopping (I’m only kidding. I obviously went super willingly; ready to spend the entirety of my paycheck). Long story short: he convinced me to walk into Ted Baker.  Okay, disclaimer: don’t think this was one of those “it was love at first sight,” things….I only believe in that when it comes to food.

I walked in and asked the lady, “excuse me, but do you have boots?” She answered, “Of course we do! I actually just bought myself a pair yesterday!”

(I mean of course she bought herself a pair. With their discount, why wouldn’t she?!)

And then she brought me over to the boots. She showed my the boots, specifically the ones that she bought.

And then I walked out.

At this point you’re probably thinking “what the heck, I thought she bought boots” or you’re asking yourself why this blog post is still going on (I don’t really even know, tbh).

I bought the boots online the next day because I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I also couldn’t stop talking about them. That’s when you know: If you can’t stop talking about them, the love is real (I also use the methodology when trying to determine whether or not I like a man, FYI).

So yes, I bought the booties. And I’ve worn them everyday since. And I’ve never been happier. Check them out below:




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