Makeup Monday: Foundation and Contouring

It’s been a while since I’ve written about makeup so what better way to end my Monday?

I want to talk about foundation and contouring for a number of reasons. The first is because a lot of girls use the wrong foundation for their faces. Yup, you read that right: there are actually certain foundations depending on your skin type. If you have dry skin, my suggestion is to use a more oil-based foundation (liquid foundation, for example); if you’re skin is more oily, use a dryer foundation (powder foundation, for sure). If you have both, pick and choose which you like.

I have neutral skin, meaning it’s not oily but it’s not dry, either. I actually use both a powder foundation and a liquid foundation. It honestly depends on the day, how much I want my makeup to pop after I put it on, how lazy or tired I am and how casual I want to look. If I’m going out or going to an event, I’m more likely to use my liquid foundation because the contouring shows up way better when I’m done. Keep in mind that when you’re using liquid foundation not to cake it on and blend it extremely well. Make sure to ALWAYS take if off at the end of whatever you’re doing because it can really mess with your pores if you don’t clean it properly (I recommend getting a Clarisonic…I’ll write a post about it soon, don’t worry).

If I’m going to work or class or I just want to add a little something before I leave for the day, I’ll use the powder foundation. It still allows the contouring to show through but it isn’t as harsh. I use two shades of powder foundation: one darker and one lighter. I’ll start with the darker foundation and then use the light color only is the spots I want to highlight while contouring.

For contouring, I’ll pretty much always use the Urban Decay NAKED Flushed palette. The naked palette is all powder and includes: highlighter, bronzer and blush. The only time I won’t use the Naked palette is if I’m using liquid foundation. Then I’ll use the Benefit High Beam as my highlighter, instead of the Naked powder highlighter. I’ll still use the bronzer and blush from the Naked palette, though.

Foundations I use:

Liquid: Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Makeup, MicroClear (Medium Beige, 80)

Powder: Maybelline New York Dream Wonder Powder (Classic Beige, 65 and Nude, 40)

Contouring Tools:

Urban Decay NAKED Flushed

Benefit High Beam

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