New Year, Same Me

Happy 2015!

I know that I’m a couple of days late posting but I was getting together this huge post filled with 4 different outfits for you guys! I obviously had to have the first post of 2015 include clothes, WEARSbyris (duh), so here ya go!

I’ve included my Christmas outfit, my day-after Christmas outfit (we celebrate Christmas for a while in my household), my New Years outfit and an outfit to hang out/work out in when you’re all done celebrating the holidays.

First up: My Christmas Outfit.

My dress and belt are from Kohl’s. My mom got this for me. I was hesitant at first but once I tried it on and found out that it had pockets, I was sold! Want to hear the best part? It was $8. I was completely shocked but I totally loved it. The actual dress isn’t available anymore but here are a couple that are close.

Tights: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Louboutin:


IMG_8073 IMG_8071

Day-After Christmas Outfit:

I got to try out some of my Christmas gifts today. Every year, I more or less know which gifts I’m getting but this year, my parents surprised me with the bag and the shoes. I might have cried (I did cry) because I was so happy. I hugged the shoes for 15 minutes. No shame. I loved them. Parents/Santa won this Christmas.


Pants: Express Jeggings

Necklace: Not sure. My brother got it for me for Christmas (Good job, Eric! I’m so proud!)


Bag: Unfortunately, my bag is no longer available in mandarin but there are plenty of other colors!

IMG_8139 IMG_8142_2

New Years Outfit:

Shoes: Obviously the BCBG ones because I love them so much.



Tights: Ann Taylor

Jacket: Lord and Taylor. They don’t have this style anymore but the brand is “Laundry by Shelli Segal”IMG_8224

Hang out/Workout Outfit:

This top is the comfiest thing ever in the whole entire world. Soybu:

Leggings: LuLuLemon: It’s this style…but different colors. I like the way the waist-band isn’t just straight across. Warning: Shameless abs pic below to show the waistband.

No idea where my sports bra and fuzzy socks are from but they’re comfy.

Snow boots: the LL Bean Boots from one of other posts:

IMG_8257 IMG_8250_2










(Bonus Top: LuLuLemon:


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