Spa Sunday

Treat yo self.


What you’ll need:

*Products I use on the reg

**Products I use a lot but it’s usually only once or twice a week

I have all of these products already…Spa Sunday just gives me the opportunity to use them all at once….If you don’t have any of these, don’t feel inclined to go out and get them. Use products that you like/you already have. If you want to use what I have, thank you for inadvertently taking my advice!

1. Start off with Frank and Cosmetic Warrior.

For Frank, wet your skin just enough to the point where you’ll be able to spread it all over your body.

For cosmetic warrior, use a generous amount.

Leave on for 15 minutes.

Wash both off with warm water. I recommend putting both on before you get into the shower. It’s much easier to wash off when you’re planning on showering anyway.



2. After you get into the shower, wash your hair first.

I do the shampoo first, then the damage-erasing balm and then the conditioner last.

The balm requires you to leave it in your hair for 5 minutes.



3. While your hair is absorbing the damage-erasing balm, use the Kiehl’s shaving cream to shave your legs.

You don’t have to do this step but I like to be occupied while I’m waiting for my balm to work into my hair and scalp.

4. Use the aromatherapy body scrub to exfoliate.



5. My soap exfoliates so just use your regular soap afterwards.

6. Use the Pekee bar to wash your face.

7. Use the Angels on bare skin cleanser to clean your pores.


8. Once you’re done in the shower, use the triple resist and the dry oil in your hair before you blow it dry.

You don’t have to blow it dry if you don’t want to. Sometimes I’ll just throw my hair in a braid and call it a day.


9. Cover your entire body, excluding your face, with the body butter of your choice.

10. Use the Enzymion moisturizer on your face. I promise it will feel amazing.


(The Enzymion tub is actually huge but this is all I had left).

11. Finish off your spa day with Lush Lip Scrub. It’s made with sugar so you can just lick it off after you’re done exfoliating.

Add your favorite lipstick, gloss or chapstick.


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