Manicure Monday: Matching my Nails to my Halloween Costume

For Halloween this year, I’ve decided to be a boxer…since I now box (we’re using the term loosely), I thought it’d be fitting. I have the cool-looking shorts that are huge on me and I have plenty of workouts under my belt (I feel like there could be a potential pun there…?) but I wanted to add a little girly touch of my own. What better way than to do my nails?


What You’ll Need:


  • Base coat
  • Base color
  • Top Coat
  • Secondary color
  • Nail Vinyls (you can get them here: )
  • Nail Tees (the Q-Tip with a point)
  • Tweezers (Optional)


Start with your base coat. Wait until it’s dry. Paint with your base color. Mine was white. I used three coats. Make sure that your coats are thin or else you’ll get bubbles on your nail (bubbling occurs when there is too much oxygen between coats). Make sure that your nails are dry. Add a top coat. Make sure your top coat is COMPLETELY dry before the next steps.



Pick out what vinyls you want to use. I used a lot of different ones. It’s up to you. You peel the vinyls off just like stickers.


Apply to your nail. This is when the tweezers come in handy. You can use them to get a more accurate placement. It’s also a lot easier to use them when you’re taking the vinyl off.


Paint all over your nail.



Take the vinyl off right after you’re finished painting your nail. If you leave it on too long, it’ll start ripping off your first color.IMG_7425

Repeat for the rest of your nails (but you don’t have to).


and Viola!


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