Yoga Pants: Doing Everything but Yoga

Ask me how many pairs of yoga pants I have. Go ahead. Ask me.

I have at least 10 pairs. Question of the day: have any of my yoga pants ever been to yoga?


I’ve gone to yoga maybe about three times in my entire life and never once have I ever worn yoga pants. So where do I wear mine? Everywhere else.

Now that the fall weather is finally starting to show up (Yay for PSL from Starbucks, leggings, long-sleeves and boots!), yoga pants are starting to appear more and more. Basically everyone loves yoga pants. Don’t even try to deny it. Unfortunately for yoga, though, their popularity has actually nothing to do with what they were originally designed for.

Things I actually wear my yoga pants to/for:

  • Class. They’re a staple in every college girl’s wardrobe.
  • To the gym. I know I said that I’ve never worn my yoga pants to yoga but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t worked out in them.
  • To hang out with friends. Pair it with a nice shirt, add a statement piece, stick the bottoms into boots and you have a real outfit. Or just wear them with a t-shirt/sweater. Your choice.
  • To run errands. Two words: Comfy Casual.
  • Sleep. I’ll wear some of my older pairs to bed.
  • Grocery shopping. Pushing a cart around all those isles is hard. It’s best to have as much mobility as possible. Comfort is key. Plus you have to carry all those groceries afterwards. Who wants to do that in stiff jeans? Or worse: work clothes. Ick.
  • Laundry…unless of course I’ve already worn all of my pairs (not likely).
  • The mall. Self-explanatory.
  • To work. This obviously depends on what you’re job is. I have multiple friends who are waitresses, and sometimes they’re actually required to wear yoga pants. I’ll wear them to babysitting but I will absolutely not wear them to the office (but not wearing them to the office should be common knowledge…unless you’re told otherwise).

Where I get my yoga pants: It depends on how much money you’re looking to spend. I’ll spend a little more money on a nicer pair because I’ll be looking to get more out of them. I’ll spend less money on a pair that I’m not really planning on wearing for anything other than sleep. Listed below are the places where I get my pants; it’s based on price and quality.

  • LuluLemon: One of my favorite places on this planet. They’re pricey but so worth it. My yoga pants from here are basically indestructible. My roommate’s cat constantly tries to scratch at my legs and I don’t even feel it. There are no tears in the pants, either. Plus they’re super comfy. They’re also reversible. Score.;women;bottoms

I personally love the “Groove Pant *Full-On Luon” and the “Run: Inspire Crop II.”

  • Victoria’s Secret: Not as pricey as LuluLemon but still a little high. These are also comfy but the quality isn’t as nice as LuluLemon’s.

  • TjMaxx/Marshals/Etc: I love these because they’re so affordable…but the quality depends on which store you go to and which brand you end up buying. I’ll use these as fillers.* Some of them are similar to LuluLemon; some are closer to Victoria’s secret. You never know what you’ll find. These stores are usually a hit or a miss.

*Fillers: They’re pieces in your closet that are there just to have (in case you ever need them). They’re basics and backups.

Examples of fillers: plain colored v-necks, solid color long sleeves, an extra pair of jeans, etc. They’re simpler pieces to put underneath a statement piece.

i.e.: a white long sleeve from Kohl’s to put under your brand new J.Crew vest.

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