Personally Preppy: Equestrian and Beyond

I wish I had thought to do this post yesterday for Throwback Thursday…It’s making me nostalgic of my days as a horseback rider. Unfortunately, college is taking over for right now so I won’t be able to get back to those days for at least another year.

Okay, let’s move on and talk prep. So if you’re reading this and you already know me, chances are that you know that I pretty much like to monogram everything (I’m currently monogramming my boxing gloves…but that’s another blog post…). If you don’t know me personally, well now you know that I like to monogram everything. Not only is it adorable, but now I never have to lose anything again. Also, if you ever take my stuff, I will find you.

With that being said, it was obviously no surprise that as soon as I saw Tate and Kir’s monogrammed iphone charger, I had to have it. These girls have every color and the cutest text for your initials. They were also very fast when it came to shipping my monogram. I got my it within 7 business days, just like the girls say on their website.

If you don’t feel the need to monogram your iphone charger (your loss), you can definitely monogram other things. Since the site was created by two equestrians, if you ride, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be able to get any of your riding gear monogrammed. My personal favorite is the helmet monogram but unfortunately, my helmet is velvet (maybe I’ll just buy a new riding helmet?) so I had to skip on that. You can also get your crops monogrammed, which is something I’ve never seen before. Well, to be honest, I’ve never seen a company like Personally Preppy before.

If you’re not an equestrian, they have multiple tabs on their website geared to the non-rider. One tab, titled “College Essentials” has monograms for everyday use.

Want to know a secret? They’re super affordable!

IMG_2601       10544313_10204250966733900_3071441712954967583_n    IMG_2544



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