Let’s Be Frank

Frank. Everyone is talking about Frank. You’re probably asking who Frank is…but it’s not who…it’s actually what is Frank?
Frank is a body scrub from Australia with a mind of his own. I first found out about Frank on Instagram. I was instantly intrigued. Frank honestly can’t be put into words because his personality is just something that cannot be replicated. Click on the link below to get Frank at his best.


So, hopefully you actually clicked on the link above because the next couple of paragraphs have to deal with all of what you just read on his website. So if you haven’t clicked the link yet, definitely click it.

Okay, moving on. So just like any sensible person, you can believe that I obviously had my doubts about Frank. I did some research…and, for the love of blogging, I decided to give Frank a try.
I wasn’t disappointed. I try to shower with Frank every other day so here’s a quick overview of my first week with Frank:
Sunday: Frank actually arrived at home on Thursday but because I was at work (I live at college during the week because commuting from there to work is just so much easier), Frank and I weren’t introduced until Sunday. There were certain things that I was looking for with Frank: silky smooth skin, loosen my muscles, make me smell amazing, etc. At first, I was a little tentative because Frank is messy…but after a few minutes, you start to realize that it just wouldn’t be the same any other way and that that’s part of Frank’s appeal. Okay, so let’s start with the smell. I chose the cacao so I smelled like a mocha coffee when I got out of the shower. Loved it. I love coffee, I love chocolate, I love Frank. Next, my skin. As soon as I showered Frank off, I could feel a difference in my skin already. It was so silky. I have a rough patch of skin on my face on my cheek, I’m not really sure where I got it from, so I focused on that to track Frank’s progress. After one use alone, it was almost gone. I kept running my hand over it wondering where it had gone. Lastly, the loosening of my muscles. Because you’re applying Frank in a circular, massage-like motion, you’re most likely getting out a lot of knots that you might not even know exist.

Tuesday: As far as the smell goes, it was the same. It just made me really want to go to Starbucks. My skin felt smoother then last time. And after only my second use, the rough patch on my face was completely gone. It’s not there. I even just rubbed my face right now as I’m writing this to double check. Yup. It’s gone.

Thursday: I smell awesome. My skin feels awesome. My muscles look awesome.

Look good, feel good, right? Get Frank. I approve.


Frank and I take selfies, duh.

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